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Finishing of denim fabric

Generally denim fabric is a 100% cotton woven fabric and exceptionally solid and strong. Denim fabric is courser than as usual woven fabric. Normally courser yarn is used for making denim fabric. The look and nature of the denim fabric should be enhance subsequent to coloring. Read more

Different types of denim washing techniques

Over the past few decades, different denim washing techniques have been developed and used on different materials to create a large variety of designs for trendy denim garments and jeans. Special color effects and washed/vintage looks are often achieved in denim garments. Read more

Laser fading for denim

The CO2 laser treatment has been used in different areas of textile industry for several years because it allows short time surface designing of patterns with good precision, desirable effects, various sizes and intensity without causing much damage to the bulk properties of the textile materials. Read more

Ozone fading

Using this technique, the garment can be bleached. Bleaching of denim garment is done in a washing machine with ozone dissolved in water. Denim garments can also be bleached or faded by using ozone gas in a closed chamber. Read more

Different types of denim

Denim is an icon and one of the most familiar products within the textile industry that attracts all age groups. In the history of textiles and apparel, no other fabric has received such a wide acceptance like as denim and it is the fabric of generations, worn by people of all classes and ages. Denim is a cotton fabric, may be the most considered article of style today. Read more

Printing on denim garments

Always denim is popular from the catwalk to the streets. Worldwide interest in denim is moving toward refinement and inconspicuous design. Fabrics are becoming better with sublime shades and finishes and high-quality augmentations such as printing and hand painting. Read more