That’s how long it takes on average until we and the customers get to know each other better. Until trust has been formed, and we know that we want to work together long-term. Until we have internalized the customer’s personality and the brand’s DNA.

Onboard: the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Onboarding is from our office in Oslo (Norway). From here, the journey moves on to our local office in Ho Chi Minh city, and goes on to out production partners. We go together or we travel for you. 

Arrival: A very warm welcome to our offices.

From onboarding, the journey continues to the local offices in the selected sourcing countries. Hochiminh city and Oslo will pass on the information from all our meetings. You will be taken care by our contact person and your specialized business unit.

Just take with you smile

If you want to see all products and developments from all our offices, we can present them:
In Oslo with our head design teams and management.
In Hochiminh city with our operating group.
In the relevant offices of relevant countries
If you want to see and select your production partners:
Let`s go together.

If you want our design support: We will show you trends, fabrics, patterns, new developments, and our in-house collection. If you like, we will prepare an entire collection for you.

If you don`t want to travel: We will take the journey for you and coordinate with you via videoconference, photographing samples and products in our in-house photo studios.